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The Apron Supply Company specialises in UK manufactured aprons, tabards and all manner of coveralls that protect clothing, uniforms and the wearers pride. 

The UK manufacturing industry of "home sewn" products is making a bold and determined resurgence. The truth is, cheap is certainly not always best and more times than not, cheap is not value for money. Some would say our business plan is not sound; "Why focus on such long lasting products?" the answer is simple; we pride ourselves on selling durable and cost effective items, and indeed we have found clients come back far more willingly and far more often for a good thing they can trust.

What could be better than garments made to the strict specifications that we all come to expect and recognise with a Made In the UK brand.

The Apron Supply Company has brought together two great Brands manufactured by UK Aprons Ltd that although they are totally individual they still share the same quality. 

Wise Owl Aprons

We supply multipurpose, re-usable tabards and aprons made in poly cotton and wipe-clean PVC. For use by a variety of professions and venues where keeping clothes clean is a necessity. Including but not least Doctor's surgeries, restaurants, kitchens and schools.

The Wise Owl range is suitable for all ages from 3 years to adult, with generous sizes for each age group.

How about customising them further by adding your logo or business name? Or maybe you need alternative sizes or products making. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


The neck halters are fully adjustable and the waist ties are fastened by side release clips. These were originally designed for the school environment however they have proved a hit with other users too. The adjustable aprons give far more scope within the several size ranges.


The Wise Owl Tabards are joined at the waist with adjustable side release clips. The edges are finished by bias binding.

Just Brilliant. Product Great - 4yr old will love bright yellow apron. Customer service exceptional...

Lois - Peterborough

Jenny Wren Pinnies

Jenny Wren is a range of practical, stylish and luxury aprons all individually handmade; suitable for crafting, housework, gardening, at work or just to wear as an everyday item.

The fabrics have been especially chosen to fulfil our cottagecore aesthetic influence. Our main supplier specialises in Organic cotton hand woven by families in Kerala, India to hand weave and hand dye these fabrics, providing employment to entire families in their own homes.

Five Stars. "Good quality, fast delivery, will buy from again" 


They're such well made and quality items! Thank you!' 

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Thank you for your interest in us and we look forward to helping you keep your clothes clean.