Cottagecore Aesthetic and Our Jenny Wren Collection

Cottagecore Aesthetic and Our Jenny Wren Collection

Posted by Lucy on 21st Aug 2021

When trying to encapsulate what we wanted from our new range of pinnies and aprons, we couldn’t quite put our finger on the word we wanted to describe them, then when chatting with a writer friend in that brief gap when we could get together with other people last year, she dropped in the term Cottagecore.…I googled it, and this was it!!

We wanted to create aprons that were practical and functional, but also offered style, luxury and tradition with a bit of twist. Cottagecore aesthetic celebrates a romantic and possibly slightly idealised idea of rural life; from the clothes you wear, to hobbies, to kitchen décor. Think Darling Buds of May meets The Great British Bake Off and you’ll get the idea. It’s becoming a very popular trend that is even the basis of many TV programmes such as pottery and sewing shows, repair shows and celebrations of the artisanal, cottage crafts. The colours of cottagecore are focused on muted, natural colours, traditional patterns, such as flowers, spots and stripes, fabrics such as cotton and linen and vintage style of clothes, such as tea dresses, smocks, dungarees and of course, aprons.

Our new Jenny Wren Collection is all about rustic, natural colours (this season we’ve used Brassica and Garden Room Green) and traditional patterns, such as our butcher stripes, creating practical pinnies for baking, art, gardening, cooking, pottery or just to wear comfortably around the house.

Each fabric for @JennyWrenPinnies was chosen carefully, thinking of style and tastes to suit all ages and genders, looking at comfort as well as practicality and durability and each design was thought out, practiced, adapted, and altered until we came up with just what we wanted. And this is just the beginning; we have a lot of ideas for future collections.

In this collection we have used a range of organic denim cottons from The Organic Textile Company. These cotton fabrics are sourced from India where their business partner works with his family and communities in Kerala to hand weave and hand dye these fabrics, providing employment to entire families in their own homes. About our weaving partners ( Our favourite in these soft denims is our own design of a Japanese Crossover Apron, with a lovely large pocket for your crafting bits and bobs or just because who doesn’t love a pocket? Jenny Wren Japanese Aprons We also have an update on the classic butcher stripe apron, adding a stylish adjustable clip to the neck halter and is available in 4 different colours and 3 sizes, including a childrens' size so all the family can have a Jenny Wren Pinny.

What’s not to love about a colourful collection of aprons in the kitchen to pick and choose from dependant on your mood...just me then??

All of our handcrafted aprons are available to buy now, just click this link - Jenny Wren.