British Millerain Waxed Cotton Bib Apron

 Our latest range of practical yet stylish aprons are made using Millerain – a waxed cotton fabric from British Millerain.

Established in 1880, Millerain was developed by John Miller the Elder and John Miller the Younger in Halifax, stemming from the need sailors had for weatherproof and durable clothing.  It is now based in Lancashire and technologies have changed, developed and improved but they still remain faithful to the innovations and developments of six generations of Millers. These waxed cotton fabrics ensure waterproofing as well as providing style and are produced in a stunning range of colours sympathetic to it’s history.

Our range of Millerain items are available in 2 sizes and 4 colourways; Mustards and Raisins and Greens and Brassica.